About us

Developed in 2008 under the name of UGE in New York, the compagny quickly became the world leader in vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) technology Darieus, thanks to the quality and aesthetics of its machines. UGE then had its headquarters, its technical and commercial direction in New York, a commercial office in Beijing, and its manufacturing plant, with US standards, in China in Hebei Province. At the end of 2016, the wind power division is renamed V-AIR and is sold to the Chinese shareholders of UGE, who maintain the factory and strengthen the Beijing office. In 2018, the V-Air EUROPE division was created and set up in Bordeaux, France to strengthen our proximity with our European partners.

V-Air Europe seeks to address the world’s various energy challenges with innovative solutions. By harvesting the kinetic power of the wind, our V-Air Europe wind turbines leverage advanced technology, creating a dependable source of energy. V-Air Europe’s ultimate goal is for the world to be 100% powered by renewable energy.

V-Air Europe provides the only comprehensive distributed renewable energy solutions with the necessary versatility, durability and energy security to be implemented across the range of challenging environments businesses and governments face. Clean, quiet, and simple – our turbines our built to last.

  1. UGE’s Launch


    Urban Green Energy was founded in 2008 with the aim of seeking innovative solutions to the world’s energy challenges.

    UGE uses cutting-edge technology to harness the kinetic energy of wind and develop its own vertical wind turbine models.

    Utilizing its professionalism and high-quality products, it has delivered several leading projects.

  2. BMW

    January 2012

    BMW wanted to create a new building powered by renewable energies. UGE worked with them to develop major production facilities: 5 vertical wind turbines and 100 kW of solar panels, all with storage units.

    The installation offsets a significant proportion of the building’s energy consumption whilst powering the batteries, generating ‘cleaner’ and more sustainable energy.

  3. Lincoln Financial Field

    November 2012

    Lincoln Financial Field is the home of the famous Philadelphia Eagles.

    It has taken a giant leap forward in green energy production and self-consumption.

    The installation makes the stadium self-sufficient on nonmatch days whilst supplying the network. Positioned at the far ends of the pitch, the fourteen wind turbines are ideally placed to showcase the ecofriendly initiative (“a visual representation of our sustainable efforts,” says the Eagles’ President Don Smolenski) without spoiling the show for fans.

    The installation ultimately saves thousands of dollars in energy costs — a touchdown for renewable energies.

  4. Eiffel Tower

    February 2015

    In partnership with Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE), UGE has installed two vertical wind turbines as part of major renovations and improvements to the monument.

    Situated over the second floor and more than 400 feet above ground to maximise their production, the two aerogenerators have been specially painted to coordinate seamlessly with Paris’s Iron Lady. Positioning the two turbines at that location was a considerable technical challenge, requiring each component to be hoisted individually and secured with ropes over the second floor.

  5. Change in V-Air

    September 2016

    In 2016, UGE International Inc. was part sold, splitting the solar and wind power divisions. In the same year, the now-renamed V-AIR was sold to UGE’s Chinese shareholders, who are maintaining and expanding the manufacturing plant and premises in Beijing.

  6. V-Air Europe

    May 2018

    In 2018, the agency V-AIR EUROPE has emerged and taken root in Bordeaux, France. That strategic location enables the company to strengthen its links with its partners and influence in the European market.