That’s it in 2020 ! The latest generation of our VisionAir wind turbines is now available. These new models are the result of our research and a long term experience. They now include a new generator and an electromagnetic brake coupled to an automatic control system.


Reliance on fossil fuels has deteriorated the environment and caused price volatility in the energy market. It is imperative that businesses and individuals alike obtain energy from renewable sources in order to combat the rise in energy prices and reduce reliance on a limited resource.

Wind energy is part of the solution.

V-Air 5 turbine side view

V-Air Wind Technologies, specializes in manufacturing vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs). By harvesting the kinetic power of the wind, our VisionAIR wind turbines leverage advanced technology via helical blades to efficiently turn their dual axis generator, creating a dependable source of energy for your energy needs.

The VisionAIR wind turbines are an advanced helical Darrieus design, which is far more efficient than the simpler Savonius VAWT. Taking wind from all directions, our design allows the turbines to exhibit exceptional performance and durability, with noise levels quieter than a human whisper.

No other vertical axis wind turbines have the proven track record of the HoYi, the VisionAIR 3 and the VisionAIR 5. Over 2,000 V-AIR EUROPE wind turbines have been installed in over 100 countries, with clients that include the Eiffel Tower, BMW, GE, Whole Foods, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Both models have power curves and noise levels tested by leading certification body Intertek