SANYA-R – 2022


In 2012, UGE launched the brand new SANYA streetlight. Until 2016, the date of the end of its marketing, hundreds have been sold in dozens of countries, with incredible references.
After more than a year of R&D, the V-AIr team have redesigned and rebuilt the SANYA – R. In 2022 the SANYA-R will reborn:  better, faster, stronger!

Powered by wind and sun, when you choose SANYA street light, you choose a smart luminaire using 100% green energy with its elegant design. SANYA reduces the energy consumption the installation costs and the maintenance with its proactive IoT technology

SANYA is designed to produce in all climatic conditions due in particular to the wind turbine operating starting at 1.5 m/s, its high efficiency photovoltaic panel and its electrostatic storage.
Choose SANYA for its smart sensor detection, its dimmable lighting, and its wireless IoT network which will provide high performance for the lower cost of ownership.


User-friendly web interface

Installation and commissioning smartly controlled thru the cloud

Hourly, daily and monthly online report

Remote system monitoring and status by IoT

Proactive automatic maintenance

Adjustment and modification of lighting and load profiles in web Access


  • Lighting : LED 60W with dimmable system, 8500 lumens
  • Wind turbine : HOYI 200/300W Cut in 1.5m/s
  • PV : Starting at 140w depending on location, integrated cell, power gain higher by 10% to others module
  • Storage : Super capacitor battery provide 25 years of life
  • Sail : Fully customizable

Brochure & Form

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